julio 31, 2017

Brompton S2E-X Nickel Ed. VS OX Peco 9sp

Brompton S2E-X Nickel Ed. VS  OX PECO 9sp.


Which is better?

Brompton clearly wins in folding and capacity to make kilometers.
The OX Peco is funniest, allows you get off the road with its double suspension.


Specs                 Brompton                    OX PECO

Weight:              9.3 kg                             11,5 kg

Material:            Steel & Titanium          Aluminum

Size Wheels:      16″                                 14″

Speeds:              2                                     9

Price:                  2.600€                           1.000€

Made in:            UK                                   Japan



Each one is the best in its category.

Brompton for city use and public transportation.

OX Peco if you are going to move off the asphalt.


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4 thoughts on “Brompton S2E-X Nickel Ed. VS OX Peco 9sp
    1. brmadrid@outlook.com

      In Europe we don´t like small wheels (12 “-14”), although we think this trend will change.
      The bike is wonderful to ride it off-road, through to the double suspension, if you have a chance to try it, do it, we recommend it, it´s very funny.

      Thanks for your comment!


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